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From Friendship to Entreprenuership


What’s up y’all! 


It’s Peaches and Kenyada here, co-owners of Cute As A Button! 


My, my, my! Where do we even begin? Alright so boom.... Who knew what started as teaming up to complete a group project in graduate school would turn into a beautiful friendship and eventually business owners? We had no idea but we’re so happy that life allowed us to cross paths. 


While attending  East Carolina University, receiving masters in social work degrees, we developed a passion for people and wanting to make everyone feel their best. After studying all day we would often find ourselves crafting and thinking of ways we could get rich! What that really meant is Peaches would craft while Kenyada thought of ways to sell the crafts to others.  HA, Some things will never change! 


After investing a small amount of our money to purchase start up supplies we birthed our baby,    Cute As A Button, right in our living rooms. That’s when the magic began! We started with fabric button earrings (which will always hold a special place in our hearts) and eventually added several other accessories to our inventory. Considering the positive feedback we received from our customers we knew we had to keep going! Fast forward to today and there is no looking back. We now offer a variety of  accessories to fit every style. Wearing our pieces will definitely leave you feeling your best which has always been our goal. We are officially #theaccessoryplug.

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